Our Installations
Efficient, and secure processes with the latest technology

We take care of every detail of the production process.
Our facilities include stainless steel tanks of different capacities, and macerators with Ganimede Method.
Our facilities are in a practical and efficient building that guarantees the correct winegrowing process using enviromental and hygienic standars to avoid contamination, as well as health considerations and occupational safety protocols, controlling every step of the process with the most vanguardist technology in order to create hight quality wine from our own vineyards for over 30 years.

All the work that takes place since the beginning of the grapevine until its transformation and commercialisation are managed by our highly qualified staff, always taking into account the achievement of its highest quality.

Our warehouse has 64 stainless Steel tanks with capacities from 60,000 liters up to 250,000 liters, for a total of 8,330,000 liters. Thanks to this wide range of possibilities we can vinify the grapes individually, depending on their quality and vineyard of origin.

We also have macerators with Ganimede Method (innovative fermentation method that takes advantage ot the huge potential of natural fermentation gas to obtain a delicated and effective extraction only from fine substances, to achieve a better wine of the best quality), centrifugation equipment, capacity to undertake the 100% of the control of temperatura, prefermentation in cold.