Our Business
Committed to efficiency and effectiveness.

T.J. AGRICULTURE has been committed since its creation to offer a natural product, fresh and of high quality, uniting tradition and culture together with modernity and new technologies.
We have modern facilities equipped with technology of the latest generation, increasing the efficiency of cultivation techniques, without neglecting the development of sustainable agriculture while respecting the environment.
We are firmly committed to an effetive and efficient management of cultivation processes. We establish a strict control over the production chain of the merchandise, in all its productive phases, from the beginning, through all the subsequent agricultural activities, until the moment when the product is withdrawn for distribution, guaranteeing its traceability, so all products can be registered and their origin can be known. We take care of every detail, establishing hygienic protocols that ensure the safety of food and guarantee the internal health of each product we have in the market.
The totality of our product is self-produced
We market our
products nationally
and internationally
Top quality services
We facilitate the
shipping of our products
to their destination country